As systems analysts, we work with our clients to design, implement, and manage technology systems that proactively improve business efficiency and sustainability.

We position ourselves specifically as the interface between business and technology, and specialise in leveraging technology to the requirements of our clients.

Our primary aim with each of our clients is to gain a solid understanding of their niche operations, and then to create solutions that address their needs.

We act at all times within the best interests of our clients, many of whom we have worked with since our inception in 2008.

Industry-specific Services

For the Legal sector

Attorneys and other legal practitioners have a unique requirement for information technology specialists that understand the intricate and specific nature of legal practice and process.

It is essential that information technology systems are designed around the tenets of legal communication and accounting standards, which requires specific knowledge of the complex overlap between legal and technological jargon.

Ultimate Data Sciences advises on systems that correctly interface with legal practices, and designs, implements, and manages these systems accordingly.

For the Events and Marketing sector

The events and marketing sector serves both business-to-business and business-to-consumer operations, requiring a specific blend of professional and creative solutions that result in an engaging end-user experience. This requires the use of technology in environments both internal and external to the businesses in these fields.

Ultimate Data Sciences works to conceptualise and implement technological solutions that meet these needs on both a business operations level, and at the level of engagement between vendors and customers.

For the Project Management sector

It is in the very nature of the project management environment that the collaboration of stakeholders is crucial to meeting deliverables.  In these environments, needs must be met on many different systemic levels where differing models often influence communication and efficiency.

With the need to operate both linearly and heuristically, these collaboration challenges require systems designed for specific- purpose, multi-purpose, and sustainable- purpose projects.

Ultimate Data Sciences provides service to the project management sector at all stakeholder levels.

For the SMME sector

The landscape of SMME business in South Africa presents challenges to the small business owner where low cost solutions are useful in the short-term but do not necessarily contribute to sustainability and business growth.

SMME’s are particularly susceptible to using information technology systems that are not geared toward small business operations, resulting in excessive costs and underutilised resources.

Ultimate Data Sciences specifically advises on solutions that are both cost effective and sustainable, with the long-term vision and success of the SMME in mind.


Ultimate Data Sciences is a business-to-business services provider.  We work with small, medium, and large businesses, organisations, and corporates.

We primarily consult in the greater Sandton area in Gauteng, however many of our clients operate on a national level.  We meet this requirement by networking teams of professionals across the country.

We work to understand your unique business operating environment, and to determine if we are the best fit for your needs.  Our consultants will be glad to talk to you about your requirements.


Ultimate Data Sciences is a company member of the Institue of Information Technology Professionals South Africa.

We are a proud member of the Internet Service Providers’ Association and uphold the ISPA Code of Conduct.

We are committed to sustainable practices in the events industry, and proud to be a corporate member of the Event Greening Forum.

In our commitment to the events space, we are also proud to be a company member of the South African Association for the Conference Industry.


In everything we do, our philosophy is to ask the question: “What is the best way to do this?”

Consult with us to problem-solve, design new systems, manage IT teams,
or simply to see how technology can improve your business operations.

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