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Comprehensive support for your business

We understand the pains associated with dealing with numerous service providers just to keep your systems working and connected. That is why we offer comprehensive IT-Support for your business, from general IT support to Data Back ups and Connectivity. Our solutions have been designed with the business owner in mind, so let us take care of your IT pains so you can focus on running your business.

Tailored Solutions

Remote Support

As easy as 1, 2, 3. Requires a stable internet connection.

On Site Support

Our technicians will come to your premises. Call out and labour fees apply

Outsourced IT

Let us take care of your companies IT so you dont have to

Drop Off

We collect, repair, and deliver your device back to you.

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What issues are you experiencing?

We provide support across the board

Email Problems

Email related issues are not only irritating but harmful to your business. From emails not sending or receiving to full inboxes, we can help get you back up.


No Connectivity

Are you struggling to connect to the internet? Or is your internet connection too slow? Let us help you get back online sooner rather than later.

Slow Computer

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow computer especially when you need to meet a deadline. Before you throw your computer out of the window, give us a call.

Hardware Failure

Nothing is made to last forever, even the best hardware can fail. A crashed hard drive or burnt out RAM, our technicians will diagnose the problem and suggest a way forward


Everyday more and more viruses are making their way into systems. If you suspect that your system may be infected, we have the tools to remove it and protect your device.



When technology stops performing its primary function, frustrations run high. Whether the printer has stopped printing, or the paper is jamming, we’ll fix the problem for you. 


Your computer and other devices may require an update or even a complete upgrade. If one day things aren’t working like they should, the system files may be corrupt. Let us take a look.

Data Recovery

The loss of data can be catastrophic for any size business. If you have lost data and need to recover it, our technicians will access the situation and attempt to recover your data.

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