Sustainable Gifting

An alternative to delagte gifting while supporting local SME’s

What is Sustainable Gifting?

Sustainable Gifting is an exciting alternative to traditional corporate gifting. If you’ve attended 1 or more conferences in your life, there is a good chance you have one or more of the following in a draw somewhere: lanyards, branded pens, note books, branded USB drives, and a multitude of other branded items (mostly from China) that you will never use again. 

Sustainable Gifting is a revolutionary concept that has proven to be phenomenally successful in the events space.  The concept is simple: let the attendees ‘shop’ for their own gift from a range of products produced by local entrepreneurs. 

How Does It Work?

It is really simple. With these few steps you can have your attendees shopping for their own gift in no time

Sustainability Village

Depending on the requirements, we source local arts and crafts vendors from our database and get them set up in a market style set up, that we like to call, the Sustainability Village. Each stall is branded with the Vendors own brand identity, and is big enough for them to display their products. 

Gift Vouchers

Each attendee is given a voucher of a certain value upon registration. These vouchers work similarly to store vouchers, but only work at the Sustainability Village. Each voucher has its own QR code and pin for security, ensuring a single voucher cannot be used for more than its value.


In the days following the events, we compile a transaction report for each vendor as well as a consolidated report for the organiser. From these reports we can tell which vendor made the most sales, and how much of the total gifting budget was spent. 

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