Temporary Wifi

Plug-&-Play Solution

Gone are the days where it was acceptable to not have internet connection. It is now expected.

While many venues offer free wifi, most of the times it is slow or doenst work at all. With our Temporary Wifi Plug-&-Play Solution, we can get you connected in minutes.*

*Our WiFi solution works off the several LTE networks and is therefore dependent on signal strength.


Secure Browsing

Closed networks that are password protected allows only those with the WiFi code to access the network. 

Multiple Users

Our Temporary Wifi solution is modular which allows for any number of connections. 


Thanks to the advancement in technology, our system is set up within a matter of minutes. 

Calculating the number of connections

In order for us to supply a stable and reliable wifi connection we need to know how many connections are needed. The most common mistake is to assume the number of attendees = the number of connections but this is only a portion of the connections needed.

Most attendees have more than 1 device, such as a Tablet, laptop and smart phone. We then have to consider how many back office computers and devices need to be connected? Does the registration desk need to be connected? Do the printers operate over the wifi network?

This is what we do best, so give us a call and we will help you calculate how many open connections you need.

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